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The images here represent my imagination. They're original ideas and characters mingled with adaptations of traditional fantasy elements. I've been fortunate enough to have found an appreciative audience for my work at various conventions and artshows, and it's great to share them here.

Please do not distribute any of these images. If you think someone would like to see a picture, send them here. Thank you.

ace.jpg summon.jpg shaman.jpg foxmask.jpg
Ace Summoning Shaman Fox Mask

patterns.jpg dancer.jpg ghost.jpg elemental.jpg
Patterns Dancer Song for a
Forgotten Love
print available

criss-sl.jpg elf-dragon.jpg shadow.jpg headly.jpg
Afternoon Nap Out for a Walk Shadow Headly

merman.jpg harvest.jpg spellforge.jpg stuck.jpg
Undersea Explorer Night's Harvest Spellforge
print available
Stuck Studying

nathan.jpg lilies.jpg lostboy.jpg fire1.jpg
Nathan Lilies Lost Boy Fire Dance

treasure.jpg native.jpg naga.jpg criss-pose.jpg
Treasure Spirit Guardian Naga Strike a Pose

kelshin.jpg nightfliers.jpg storyteller.jpg ghostfloat.jpg
Kelshin Night Fliers Storyteller Ghostly Game

501666.jpg merboy.jpg stretch.jpg fdrg.jpg
501 666 Curious Stretch Faerie & Dragon

Clumsy Faerie

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